Coffeehouse Blunders

A weekly chat with Chess International Master Danny and Coffee Snob Motz on all things coffee, chess, tech, & the lives of these two adorable besties.

About the show

Join Daniel "Danny" Rensch and James "Motz" Montemagno each week on Coffeehouse Blunders as they discuss the latest in chess, coffee, tech, and anything else happening in their wonderful lives and around the world. Danny's life as an International Chess Master collides with Motz's mobile development and public speaking background for absolutely adorable and astonishing conversation.

Episodes and Blog Entries

  • The Rising Spanish

    Episode  |  May 18th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  50 mins 11 secs
    chess, chess today, coffee, cold brew, public speaking, robovac, ruy lopez, spanish opening, teaching, wannacrypt

    It is back to the basics with Danny explaining the classic Ruy Lopez opening that Motz has heard and seen so much of and why it is so popular. We get a robovac update, security patches, and find out why it is so important to teach new players chess.

  • Carl Magnuson

    Episode  |  May 11th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  49 mins 41 secs
    chess, chess ratings, echo, echo show, getting sick, google now, irobot, making money in chess, robovac

    Your echo is always listening, Danny explains GM/IM/NM, and we discuss just how much you can make as a professional chess player.

  • Learning Through Communicating

    Episode  |  May 4th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  43 mins 55 secs
    adventure, chess,, coffee, communication, cuba, magnus carlsen, milken institute, redeye, surface laptop, windows 10 s

    Motz is back from Cuba and Danny hosts Magnus Carlsen! They also reflect on a tough week on the job and how they stepped back, reflected, and apologized.

  • If You See Something, Say Something

    Episode  |  April 27th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  40 mins 32 secs
    april the giraffe, blokus, chess, chess country, coffee, cycling, ebike, facebook live, kickstarter, live streaming, star wars, youtube live

    This week Danny breaks down Chess Country and the Speed Chess Qualifiers, while Motz attempts to rationalize his addiction to watching April the Giraffe.

  • The Perfect Coffee Stirrer

    Episode  |  April 20th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  54 mins 21 secs
    aeropress, chemex, chess, chess kit,, coffee, coffee stirrer, life, mobile development, parenting, relationships, shark tank, sharks, technology, tv

    Motz is on the hunt for the perfect coffee stirrer for his Chemex, while Danny attempts to figure out how to handle his 12 year old Nash and his first "relationship" and takes a swim with the Sharks.